Donnerstag, 30. Oktober 2014

Choosing The Best Transportation for your Business

If you own a business that you need to be mobile and transport materials from a project site to another then you need to give a good thought about what kind of cars or trucks are the best for your type of use. 

Considering as a general rule that a business owner wants to save money and also want to give a good image of the company when driving around on corporate vehicles, then the research on this subject must be well performed.

There are many factors that influence the decision about buying a car for the company such as; how many employees will have access to it, what is the ratio of action of the company, do you need to transport heavy material, will you use the vehicle for high end client meetings and many more.

If you are running a business that needs constantly to be on the road then you will probably be thinking of a  good gas-mileage performance vehicle.

When you need to transport a few people and also business tools for a presentation for example, a bigger more comfortable car will be more useful, although you need to watch for the fuel consumption on bigger heavier cars.

Sometimes the option of leasing a small fleet of car can be very cost effective, you may qualify for a leasing program in a dealership with great advantages and fixed fees.

Leasing can be a good alternative for business owners looking for a few cars, mini vans, pickups or trucks if you negotiate a good deal you can even get the basic maintenance included in your contract which will save you the time and stress about maintaining the vehicles in good shape.

The most important is to search for different opinions and look for real good deals, just by researching thru the internet and asking some of the people that already have a company fleet you will get a lot of answers and your search for the perfect match will become easier.

Donnerstag, 21. August 2014

Before we get in to the point of this post I want to share an example with you. I have a friend who travels always with the same airline wherever he goes and I asked him why? 

He described me the amazing experience he have from the easiness to book online, the kindness of the people on the travel office when he has had to call them, the trust he feels when he travel, the high quality of the company and that they treat  him like an important person. This in other simply words is branding.

Branding is your promise to your customers. The uniqueness you have put in your services or products that resonate with the people you want to attract and makes it different from the competitors in your niche. It says them what to expect from your products or services. Branding is a strategy that included a part of who you are, who you want to be and what people will perceive as you.

These is a powerful aspect of every business, large, medium, small, retail, B2B because it give a sense of entity that people will take as alive. If you are a person of this world then you are a ¨victim¨ of powerful branding strategies implemented by big companies.

For example: if I ask you which one is your favorite computer company what would you say: Apple or Microsoft? The answer seems to be obvious. The same will occur if I ask you which one you prefer: a Ferrari or an Opel?